Ha Ha! I bet some smug editor at the BBC is crying into their coffee this afternoon as Centre Pointcame bottom of the 5 “ugliest” buildings in London, despite BBC LDN appearing to try and rig the vote by using only Centre Point’s image in the web article and making a point of describing it as pre-cast concrete (something they failed to do for all the others despite at least 3 of them being of the same construction). But it appears that the public have voted with their feet ignoring the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment’s assertions that it’s a bad building because the pavement around it is small and the BBC’s apparent bias against the building.

Centre Point is obviously well loved as it only got 6% of the vote, with the generally loved 30 St.Mary’s Axe getting a higher proportion of the vote, which in my opinion is a good thing: yes some 60’s architecture was rubbish, some was poorly thought out and even more poorly constructed, but Centre Point, and several others (including Goldfinger’s masterpiece Trellick Tower) are having a renascence, and rightly so, as they’re fantastic buildings that are iconic and of their time, testament to the designers who conceived them and the materials they’re made out of.

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