Yet another story from the Underground: a tragic death of a young lad on the underground, killed because he was stupid enough to go on the tracks, having seen a few suicides on the tube in my years and knowing the effect they’ve had on friends who work on the tube I’m constantly amazed that people, especially young lads, take their own personal safety so brazenly: not only do the trains weigh god knows how many tonnes, but they’re traveling at up to 50mph and on two tracks charged – 220volts and +440volts DC, not only will they give you a belt, they’ll give you a belt that you won’t get blown away from and that’ll burn you badly.

So why not think, think about the people who have to pick up the pieces, the people who get held up, even think about your own families, just do *think* before you act like a prat and fry on the lines.

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