The Tube by Tesco?

It’s been announced today that the opening of Queensway is to be delayed even further having already sailed past two deadline Metronet have still not satisfied London Underground’s safety regulations, and as frustrating as it is to see that it’s not going to be finished, as it’s a station I use (or more to the point need to use) all the time, it is however refreshing to see London Underground finally standing up to itself, for three reasons:

  1. First: PPP which caused this ridiculous split in the running and maintenance of the tube is shown not to work, so long as the shareholders are paid the Private companies are happy to run late deadlines at the expense of LU and it’s customers
  2. Second: LU staff put up with a huge amount of abuse when things don’t work, a lot of the time this is due to poor maintenance and investment, but LU can’t do anything about it, people needto know that it’s not LU’s fault, as frustrating as it may be LU are in the same boat as the rest of us
  3. Third: LU have taken the blame in the past, privately they may have fumed, but in public they’ve graciously accepted they need to do better knowing full well that there’s absolutely nothing they can do within their powers to change things or speed things up

TFL TescoIt’s about time this Government took a long hard look at PPP, it’s not working for the London Underground, and it’s not working elsewhere, there can’t be a split between the people in the frontline and the people behind the scenes, either privatise completely or let a state run it, Privatisation done well actually does work, imagine for one second if LU was a completely private company, can you imagine what would happen if the shareholders were penalised every time something like this happened because they’re having to refund passengers (and yes we’re passengers not fucking customers), the rush to make things better so the passenger was happy and not asking for refunds every week would be huge. I know I’m likely to be strung up for suggesting that the tube should be privatised, but would you trust Blair to do it on his own… and let’s face it, anything’s got to be better than the shit we’ve had under PPP?

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