“Positive” Discrimination

The Met really should get a better communications consultancy, as the timings of their releases and general handling of the press sucks arse: yet another example of this has come to light this week, in a week when relations between the Muslim community and the Met is probably at an all time low it’s come to light that a report has highlighted that Muslim (especially Pakistani Muslim) officers in the Force are more likely to be corrupt than their white counterparts: now the fact that the report has been compiled by a high profile Asian (although I’m not sure whether he’s Muslim) officer should have given the report some credibility from the background of the Met only having recently been labeled institutionally racist, but in the light of last weeks raid in East London now might have been a good time to apply some strategic communications strategy to at least appear as if you’re not out and out goading the community to go to war with the force?

Obviously people have leapt to the usual sound-bites of racism, perhaps to afraid to actually consider that the report might be true, which is worrying, to often now people leap to the defence of the indefensible on the assumption that no matter if it’s right or wrong it’s racist/sexist/or any other *ist to mention it. This strikes me as ridiculous, in just the same way that we’re now in a society that’s openly tolerating “positive” discrimination (i.e. it doesn’t matter if he/she or it is any good at what they actually do, they just fit the racial, sexual, gender, disability profile we need). Society needs to be yanked back on it’s leash, and needs to take this social PC bullshit seriously, when problems, disadvantages and home truths are being swept under the carpet just because people are afraid of speaking out means that we’ve lost the freedoms that have in the past been denied to the very people (and I speak as a member of a minority) who over the years have had their freedoms and rights curtailed.

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