Need Another Seven Astronauts

I’m appalled, but not at all surprised that despite official warnings from Safety Officials and Senior Engineers NASA is going to launch the space shuttle on July 1st, and it’s not like they’ve not done this before and lived to regret it: on the eve of the Challenger launch senior engineers warned NASA that the shuttle was untested in the conditions it was due to launch and was potentially catastrophically unsafe… the same warning, albeit due to a different set of engineering warnings has been given now and they’re choosing to ignore it.

I’m amazed that with all NASA’s resources we’ve a) not upgraded the shuttle to the next-gen shuttle mooted in the late eighties, and b) not spent more of NASA’s vast public resources on making the shuttle a safer prospect, we’ve lost two out of a total of what, 7 flyable shuttles? If it were a commercial airliner that ratio of lost craft would be raising serious concerns, and I’d put money on the fleet being grounded, but because (despite NASA’s huge commercial obligations) it’s a ‘research and exploration’ agency they seem to feel they can flaunt their position ignoring safety advice and risking the lives of the people that work for the organisation. It’s only because the accidents they’ve had so far have all occurred at 60,000ft and above and nothing’s gone bang on the ground or crashed into a populated area that more serious questions haven’t been asked.

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