Another weekend goes by…

Well another weekend goes by, another week over, another week into a fast moving year which seems to show no signs of slowing it’s relentless pace. Nice night out until 6am on Friday night, the usual haunts in Soho all got graced with our presence before we moved on, saw a blast from the past on Friday, and smugly (yes I know that’s bad karma) noted that he’s neither moved on or progressed and is showing no signs of doing so.

That’s terrible I know, but you know, when someone pisses on you from a height on nothing more than a ridiculously ill-informed grudge, you can’t help but snort derisively when they’re still stumbling around earning a pittance thinking they’re the dogs bollocks when it’s blatantly obvious to the rest of the world that they’re not.

And breathe… moving on: I’ve completed The Getaway Black Monday, or at least it’s first permutation, and this weekend I’ve written a load of content for the agencies new portfolio and the digital stuff too, between that I’ve read the papers, flicked through the magazines, drank lots of tea and generally between all that tried to switch off a bit from the manic thoughts of work, which in only a few hours I’ll be back at, hopefully without some of the hysterics we had last week

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