What a day…

What a day we’ve had, up’s, down’s and everything in between… there’s been some eye-opening events, and some events that have needed careful and considered diplomacy, but we’ve got through it, and there’s only one more day to go before the weekend, which it must be said I’m looking forward to, although for the first time in years I’ll be on my own: not quite sure what I’ll do, probably get on with some work, although the prospect of a day in the galleries, something I’ve not done for almost 4 years on my own is sounding quite nice.

We’ve somehow ended up with a glut of new technology, a powerbook and a PS2 that at the beginning of we had no intention of getting, and rather nicely we’ve also ended up with a glut of new clients, totally diverse and wonderfully full rate card.

I’ve been playing on the PS2 a little bit, now I know that I’m a million miles behind the times, but we got The Getaway, which give’s you a pretty decent, almost photographically accurate run of most of Zone One, there are some strange ommissions, mainly of side roads, which is actually making me lose the missions as I’m having to go the long way around… but it’s all good fun nevertheless.

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