The 148, Cute Bears, Nutters, Estate Agents & Printers

Lordy, what a long day – spent most of today proofing things with the printer on behalf of one of our new clients, it’ll look the dogs bollocks when it’s done, so looking forward to picking the finished articles up on Wednesday. Spent a good two hours today stuck on the 148 bus as it went nowhere in South London traffic, what a nightmare: having said that north of the river wasn’t much better as a nutter on the top deck decided it’d be great fun to ring the bell for every stop; I don’t know what’s worse, the fact the nutter was doing it, or the dullard of a driver who could clearly see he was the only person on the top deck pressing buttons didn’t bother to remove him or just ignore him.

After much fannying about got back to Notting Hill Gate just in time to grab a coffee and unwind a little before running off again to battle with public transport… renewing the cab account is looking like more and more of a good idea!

Did anyone else notice the thing in the standard the other day about Lunchoneers…? Or whatever they were called: the general idea is that we should all be taking longer lunches, and that it won’t affect productivity because we’ll all work longer into the evening, like the first part, not so keen on the last part… how about long lunches and still finishing at 6: to be honest either would be nice right now!

In other news it looks like we’ll be able to get a doggie when we move which is good news, it’s definitely going to be on my list of stipulations for the house, it’s always the thing I forget to ask when we’re looking at houses, but reminded by the cutest set of bears walking their black Labradors up Pembridge Road yesterday I got myself down to the various estate agents we’re dealing with at the moment to ask the question.

totally random post I know, but I’m in a distracted mood today… hey ho

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