Shoreditch to close

So it’s been announced (after much discussion) that Shoreditch Station on the East London Line is to close after the planners finally settled their differences with the conservationists regarding the fate of a little known Grade 2 listed viaduct/goods yard, it’ll be the first permanent station closure on the underground since Aldwych was closed and the Epping to Ongar end of the Central line was sliced off in 1994.

Get down their now to get photos of the building as unlike some of London Underground’s other relics I fear the building itself may not survive long after it’s closure as it’s on prime land to be redeveloped as part of the cities’ inexorable push East. The official closing date is 9th June 2006. It must be said, as glad as I am that they’re finally getting on with the East London Line Extension, it’d be nice to finish a few other projects before starting… maybe for example; finishing Notting Hill Gate tube station?

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