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According to the personality test in the Guardian I’m a Heroic Apostle Island, which everyone (having read the descriptions of each character type) says is pretty accurate, I’m not sure I’m humming the corporate mantra on the way to work, but some would say what I do do isn’t far off. I must say I was initially confused at how you could possibly be an apostle and an island at the same time, but I’m assured you can be, and apparently I frequently am, So I suppose it’s right in many ways, I do like to work alone when it’s something I’m doing – for no other reason I suppose than to have peace in my own head, but I do stand up in the and take the lead when the shit hits than fan, and I’m frankly nothing short of blinkered when it comes to company loyalty

The full list of my particular traits I’ve put below, and if you’re feeling like taking utterly pointless tests on this wet Wednesday you can take the test for yourself to find out what you are and where in the Guardian town you reside at

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