More Work

Well today I’ve started my project management role at work, taking on slightly more work than I’m already doing it’s worthwhile for the extra amount of control it’ll give me in work that the agencies take on. Traditionally with the agency I’m with now my say so has extended to the final yes or no on new clients and existing work, unlike my previous agency where I used to take total control of every project with the current one at times I’ve felt a little, well… out of the loop, and at time’s that’s not as unpleasant as it might sound, but the times have changed and working in relative ignorance is no longer an option, especially as we’re growing so fast. So from today the more active CD came into play, and quite immediately scared a client with a job list so comprehensive 3 days work covered 3 full pages… I can be accused of a lot of things, but a lack of thoroughness isn’t on of those things!

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