Irrationally angry

I simply can’t hold it in any more – I’m about to explode… I just don’t know what it is but this tower ad from the Evening Standard makes me irrationally angry, I’m not sure whether it’s the poor quality of production, the crap message or the totally piss poor obviously American stock photography but it irks me greatly, to the point where I want to vomit copiously. Please someone remove it. Now.

I really can’t stand poor stock photography, especially of people – it’s not difficult to take good candid shots of people in the work place, but whenever as a designer you go out and look for it you’re hard pressed to find normal looking people that don’t look like they’re doped out of their heads on something, or have been warned if they don’t put the most ridiculous smile to work with their catalogue pose they’ll have an angry cat shoved up their chuff. Please for the love of god if you’re involved in stock photography, *don’t* make people point stupidly at the screen, *don’t* make them wear a suit that looks like they’re about to go and sing “loadsa money” and for the love of god just pick a normal array of people from the office.

One book we got recently from a London stock photography firm under the title ‘people at work’ gave the impression that the ratio of Chinese to English people in a British office is about 7 to 3… now we all know it’s not like that, so why does the photography try to make that out, and why would any company choose that photography unless they’re aiming specifically at the Chinese market? I mean has it really come to the point where society is so sensitive about representing ethnic minorities that we’re actually prepared to manipulate our advertising to over-represent?

… and just don’t get me started on the copy; you’re only pages away from a new job?! Are you bollocks, what it should say is you’re only a few pages, a pointless covering letter, a dull cv, a load of recruitment “specialists” pouring over every detail of your soul in hope of a commission, and then a series of interviews before either getting a new job or getting that awfully boring letter where they promise to keep your details “on file” – normally in the big file with a lid on that gets emptied every evening by the council… see what I mean, the irrational anger at this ad just keeps coming, believe me I could go on… but right now all I really want to do on this topic is hurl chunks

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