Dull IM’ers.

It’s funny really, if half the conversations people had via IM were conducted via telephone ‘buddies’ would be re-branded “nuisance callers”; ok that’s a sweeping generalisation, but for some of the people in my list and in other lists (we were discussing this the other day so it’s not entirely a reflection on my own IM list) it’s reminisecent of ground-hog day. I just can’t see how you can have the same conversation twice a day five times a week:

dull IM’er: “hello”
sassylad: “well hello there”
dull IM’er: “how r u”
sassylad: “not at all bad thanks, and yourself?”
dull IM’er: “bored”
dull IM’er: “and horny…”

< sassylad closes conversation window >

I mean please… it’s 3 in the afternoon, shouldn’t you be doing something rather than annoying people via MSN? It makes using MSN for anything vaguely work related almost impossible and to be honest makes you wonder what sort of lives these online “buddies” lead, especially the ones whom to be honest you can’t even remember why they’re in your list in the first place.

Can’t you get through 8 hours of the working day without having to cruise the net for sex, and if the answer really is no, then shouldn’t you be thinking about some therapy? I mean when you’re a 19 or 20 it’s understandable, you’d probably shag a letterbox given the chance, but we’re all supposed to be getting older and wiser now, settling down into boyfriends and girlfriends and bigger houses bought with growing careers… to be blunt, if you really can’t hold it in, then go knock one out instead of bothering the rest of the world with the needs of your nether regions

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