A quiet day of decisions

Quiet day, lots of things decided, all good… we’re moving, it’s official: we’ve had enough of this place so we’re looking around again with the usual bunch of suspects and getting ready for all the fun of packing up, fighting to get the deposit back from the useless fuckwit of a letting agent we’re with at the moment and finally on the big day worrying about getting broadband and all that crap moved over… I know we’re experts at this, but every time we do it there’s always one of the major utilities that manages to fuck something up

In other news the new company website is finally moving toward reality, much like the cobblers children, we’ve suffered from always being too busy to look after our own stock, and as a result a decision was reached that we’d start work on it with a view to getting it up by the end of the month, which should coincide with the swanky new brochures we’re getting being produced which is all rather exciting: the big movement toward the change was the tweak to the logo, which should get it’s first public outing when the new site’s up and running… leaving only the signage in our building to update, that may prove more of a challenge to update, but when tenacity, sheer bloody-mindedness and cheekiness fail we’ll end up bringing in our house-trained solicitor to scare the buildings manager.

Also definitely decided that I’m going to start selling my photography, I think I’ve found at least one outlet that’s interested, so if you’re looking for tasteful photography anything up to A1 size, framed in classic matt black frames for around about eighty quid do let me know! And whilst I’m shamelessly self-promoting; if you fancy winning some jewellery do check out this competition, sign up a friend and go into the grand prize draw for some fabulous Azuni pieces worth 80 quid for you and a friend… and there ends this weeks shameless self-promotion

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