Daily Archives: May 23, 2006

The fooking poof has left the building

I did promise myself that I wouldn’t blog to much here about Big Brother 7, but can I just proclaim from the rooftops how very happy indeed I am that the self-proclaimed ‘wacky paki poof‘ has walked from the house, rumours are he was asked to leave rather than left of his own volition but the official line is he chose to leave as he didn’t really “integrate” with the group. If by integrate they mean have any social skills beyond a short grasp of the worst gay stereotypes then I’d certainly agree…

As a gay man I’ve cringed every single time he’s ‘graced’ the screen, and as a hard working tax payer I’ve been irked by his seeming lack of care that he’s never done a day’s work in his life and lives entirely off the state but seems to think he’s “contributing”, he’s been without doubt the vilest housemate Big Brother has ever placed in the house and i’m gleeful beyond measure that he’s gone.