Wooo… busy weekend, haven’t had one like that for a little while: spent the day in Ikea (not the hell on earth we were both expecting) I suspect that the Easter weekend wiped most Ikea couple’s out so this weekend was very quiet – walked away with the obligatory bag of tea-lights plus some other tidbits before going out on a trip down memory lane into Docklands, had a look at our old house, now standing in a very sorry state with paint peeling off the doors and a smashed window, despite it not being a house filled with the best memories, there are a few that I hold precious, and it was actually quite sad to see the old place in such a sorry state. I know it stood empty for a long time after we moved out, presumably the landlord who also owned the estate agents we let in from thought he could double his money selling the place as it was on the market for years, but any hopes of selling it seem to have faded, hey ho…

And after our trip around memory lane we decided we’d bimble into Soho for a few drinks taking inKuCXRComptons and a few other places over the evening; it was surprisingly relaxing, so I think that’s probably going to be on our weekend agenda again – strange really, we both figured out how we never put on any weight back in the day, the sheer amount of alcohol to tiny amount of food made for an easy ‘diet plan’ – well in as much as you’d lose weight, but probably screw your liver permanently… all good fun though

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