Magnolia Boxes

It’s a funny old world, some weeks you’re soaring, some weeks you’re drifting, some weeks you’re just plummeting, all in all it’s been a drifting week, a couple of high points, a few annoyances and assorted fuckwitage from Barclays, BT Broadband and a few others, but things are generally heading in the right direction, albeit slower than I want, but I’ve found that it’s better to let something take a month than push for it in a week because the thing that you’re wait for always works out better in the end.

Picked up the letting’s lists yesterday, I’m intending to start looking through them with a view to something within striking distance of where we want to buy so we can keep a real finger on what’s going on. I know that a 2 bed flat in need of renovation for around the 350/400k mark in the right area with the right conditions is probably going to take sometime, but that’s not really a big problem, it’s just a case of waiting to see what’s out there, making up our minds exactly what we want, tallying that up with the money and time needed to buy and do the place up and start planning how it’s all going to happen. It’s quite odd, I’ve never really seriously considered buying a place, but I think it’d be nice to put some roots that I own down in the place we want to be this side of me being 30.

I’m amazed how many people have tried to warn me off wanting to do a place up, like it’s the worst thing on earth: personally I can’t think of anything more exciting, yes it’ll cost a bit, but at the end of the day it’ll mean you’ve put your mark firmly on the place and unlike every place I’ve ever rented it won’t just be ‘another’ magnolia box.

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