It’s been ages!

“Tsk – It’s been ages!” I hear you cry – but stay with me, there’s an excuse even better than the dog ate my powerbook – not only have I been really busy, but the latest consolidated Mac OS update ‘enhanced’ safari – which unfortunately broke the content management system that runs my site, and because it’s not the latest version of the CMS which supports all of these new safari features it’d be a pain in the arse, not to mention an evening that I can think of a million better things to be doing which I just couldn’t be arsed to spend upgrading the site. So with a few fixes (thanks Dave) I’m back.

There’s also been some exciting news this month as a totally off the wall business proposition put itself in my lap and I’ve ended up the partner of a Jewellery firm, quite a change from running an ad agency many people have said, but as my main input is into the marketing, promotion and business advice it’s basically what I do but in a different arena. All good fun.

I’ve not got much time at the moment, so I’m going to leave this entry here, but I promised there’s loads coming up in the coming weeks, I’ve got random phone photo’s to upload, some tube fashion victims, the story of why you should never by a solution on price alone and why some Idle bastard has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Until next time…

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