Government Death Rattle?

I wonder, are we watching a Government in it’s death throws? If today’s papers are anything to go by then it would seem so, you’ve got our two jags lardarse of a deputy prime minister preaching against “Tory Sleaze” whilst at the same time shagging around behind his wife’s back, you’ve got Patricia Hewitt almost goading the Nursing union’s to strike and you’ve got the Home Office letting murderers, rapists, paedophiles and burglars out into the general population without so much as checking there paperwork, and so we now have a load of dangerous characters roaming our streets when they should have been put on a plane back to their own countries and told not to return…

It’s shambolic, and what’s worse is at the head you’ve got Blair, still confidently strutting about as if this is yet another wave they’re going to ride – but it’s simply not going to happen, Labour are going to be slaughtered at the local polls and any confidence left in the credibility of the Government (if indeed anyone still has any left) is going to be washed down the toilet as it looks like Prescott isn’t going to be put in front of the recently formed ministerial conduct police (so much for that quango then…) Hewitt is going to waltz about like a headmistress thinking she’s still right and Clerk, perhaps the only one of the three I have any sympathy for has had his resignation turned down in favour of what seems like Downing Street keeping him on as long as possible to take as much flack off the press (who are baying for blood now…) thus diverting attention from the PM, who whilst all this is going on is probably conspiring another dodgy dossier validating why we should force Regime Change on Iran under the banner of promoting a safer world.

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