Animal Magic

So contrary to earlier reports it now seems that Orange are intent on ploughing ahead and continuing the ill thought out ‘Animals’ campaign – I wonder whether that’s come from internal pressure to keep the campaign running, or whether the leak that they were going to ditch it was in fact from someone pissed with Orange moving their ad account around? Wherever it came from it was certainly well circulated. I just can’t see the merits in keeping a campaign running that:

  1. looks piss poor
  2. confuses the customer
  3. is actually talked about by the customers in derogatory terms
  4. seems to actually discourage people from buying just by confusing them?

But keeping it they are: well at least for now; I’d be interested in a sweep-stake for how long it actually stays though… like the “hard-nosed’ business man” campaign – I sense this one may have a much shorter life-span than perhaps first intended.

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