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Animal Magic

So contrary to earlier reports it now seems that Orange are intent on ploughing ahead and continuing the ill thought out ‘Animals’ campaign – I wonder whether that’s come from internal pressure to keep the campaign running, or whether the leak that they were going to ditch it was in fact from someone pissed with Orange moving their ad account around? Wherever it came from it was certainly well circulated. I just can’t see the merits in keeping a campaign running that:

  1. looks piss poor
  2. confuses the customer
  3. is actually talked about by the customers in derogatory terms
  4. seems to actually discourage people from buying just by confusing them?

But keeping it they are: well at least for now; I’d be interested in a sweep-stake for how long it actually stays though… like the “hard-nosed’ business man” campaign – I sense this one may have a much shorter life-span than perhaps first intended.

Magnolia Boxes

It’s a funny old world, some weeks you’re soaring, some weeks you’re drifting, some weeks you’re just plummeting, all in all it’s been a drifting week, a couple of high points, a few annoyances and assorted fuckwitage from Barclays, BT Broadband and a few others, but things are generally heading in the right direction, albeit slower than I want, but I’ve found that it’s better to let something take a month than push for it in a week because the thing that you’re wait for always works out better in the end.

Picked up the letting’s lists yesterday, I’m intending to start looking through them with a view to something within striking distance of where we want to buy so we can keep a real finger on what’s going on. I know that a 2 bed flat in need of renovation for around the 350/400k mark in the right area with the right conditions is probably going to take sometime, but that’s not really a big problem, it’s just a case of waiting to see what’s out there, making up our minds exactly what we want, tallying that up with the money and time needed to buy and do the place up and start planning how it’s all going to happen. It’s quite odd, I’ve never really seriously considered buying a place, but I think it’d be nice to put some roots that I own down in the place we want to be this side of me being 30.

I’m amazed how many people have tried to warn me off wanting to do a place up, like it’s the worst thing on earth: personally I can’t think of anything more exciting, yes it’ll cost a bit, but at the end of the day it’ll mean you’ve put your mark firmly on the place and unlike every place I’ve ever rented it won’t just be ‘another’ magnolia box.

Government Death Rattle?

I wonder, are we watching a Government in it’s death throws? If today’s papers are anything to go by then it would seem so, you’ve got our two jags lardarse of a deputy prime minister preaching against “Tory Sleaze” whilst at the same time shagging around behind his wife’s back, you’ve got Patricia Hewitt almost goading the Nursing union’s to strike and you’ve got the Home Office letting murderers, rapists, paedophiles and burglars out into the general population without so much as checking there paperwork, and so we now have a load of dangerous characters roaming our streets when they should have been put on a plane back to their own countries and told not to return…

It’s shambolic, and what’s worse is at the head you’ve got Blair, still confidently strutting about as if this is yet another wave they’re going to ride – but it’s simply not going to happen, Labour are going to be slaughtered at the local polls and any confidence left in the credibility of the Government (if indeed anyone still has any left) is going to be washed down the toilet as it looks like Prescott isn’t going to be put in front of the recently formed ministerial conduct police (so much for that quango then…) Hewitt is going to waltz about like a headmistress thinking she’s still right and Clerk, perhaps the only one of the three I have any sympathy for has had his resignation turned down in favour of what seems like Downing Street keeping him on as long as possible to take as much flack off the press (who are baying for blood now…) thus diverting attention from the PM, who whilst all this is going on is probably conspiring another dodgy dossier validating why we should force Regime Change on Iran under the banner of promoting a safer world.

Looong Day…

Yet another long day spent in sales meetings, picking up printing and generally tearing about the place: all good fun, but bloody knackering. Missed my old corner shop being fire-bombed the other day, must have literally passed within feet of where this happened only 30 odd minutes before it did, quite scary really, hopefully the poor chap will have survived the attack, whenever I popped in their for niff naff and triv they always seemed like really nice chaps, assuming it’s the same people that run it now as did then.

Open letter to Jay Leno

Interesting opening letter to Jay Leno here:

  • queerclick
    (content safe, adverts probably not worksafe)

BBC 2.0

In other news today the Beeb have finally decided that they’re going to overhaul there website (no doubt at massive expense to the license paying public… but that’s another argument). Dubbed 2.0 (how bloody original is that!) the whole user experience will be based around share, play and find: one would assume this is to cater for the currently massively underrepresented demographic of three year olds using the site. They’re also re-branding myBBCplayer to the iPlayer, also 10 out of 10 for originality there!

That’s what really annoys me about the BBC it seems so driven by the committee that the independence of thought and genuine creativity shown by a good proportion of it’s staff is often killed off, death by committee me thinks.

Stupid Fucking Racoons

It’s with no great surprise that this morning I read about Orange axing their £10million ‘Animals’ ad campaign after only four weeks, quite how it got off the drawing board is quite beyond me, and if anyone from Orange is reading the ‘animals’ things actually lost you at least one sale as I was so bored of trying to find a tariff on Orange whilst being compared to a Racoon… (which we don’t even have in this country!?) that I decided to search for a new phone with incumbent O2 and Three instead of switching to Orange.

Apparently according to Brand Republic the campaign is to be replaced as soon as possible with a new set of ad’s concentrating on the imminent rebrand of France Telecom’s subsidiary companies… I believe, although I’m not 100% sure that this will see most services in the UK and Europe re-branded as ‘Orange’, this rebrand apparently will also sound the death-knell for the only recently revised Wanadoo brand in favour of something a little more ‘Orange’ – It’s funny how a brand everyone thought was daft when it first surfaced has ended up outliving many of it’s more established (ex)competitors.

There’s no place like Plaistow

I spotted these on the tube the other day, and just couldn’t resist taking a photo! I’m just wondering, if she clicks them together 3 times will she get home any quicker?


Wooo… busy weekend, haven’t had one like that for a little while: spent the day in Ikea (not the hell on earth we were both expecting) I suspect that the Easter weekend wiped most Ikea couple’s out so this weekend was very quiet – walked away with the obligatory bag of tea-lights plus some other tidbits before going out on a trip down memory lane into Docklands, had a look at our old house, now standing in a very sorry state with paint peeling off the doors and a smashed window, despite it not being a house filled with the best memories, there are a few that I hold precious, and it was actually quite sad to see the old place in such a sorry state. I know it stood empty for a long time after we moved out, presumably the landlord who also owned the estate agents we let in from thought he could double his money selling the place as it was on the market for years, but any hopes of selling it seem to have faded, hey ho…

And after our trip around memory lane we decided we’d bimble into Soho for a few drinks taking inKuCXRComptons and a few other places over the evening; it was surprisingly relaxing, so I think that’s probably going to be on our weekend agenda again – strange really, we both figured out how we never put on any weight back in the day, the sheer amount of alcohol to tiny amount of food made for an easy ‘diet plan’ – well in as much as you’d lose weight, but probably screw your liver permanently… all good fun though

Testing Testing

It’s always a laugh doing personality tests, you never know quite what they’re going to throw up, especially when you’re doing them watched by someone that know’s you well.. you have to put your worst traits in too… but apparently that’s not a bad thing as I came out as a Dynamic Director, which to be honest doesn’t sound to bad: