Lordy, it’s been a hectic few days, now settled into the new house it’s a bit like living in the Money Pit (look it up on IMBD if you’re not sure what I’m on about…) The inventory is sheer fantasy, the house is, for want of a better word – a bit of a shit hole: it’ll be ok once it’s had the homosexual touch, especially considering that we’re actually not planning on being here for that long but jesus – it really does amaze me what some letting agent’s think they can get away with!

Aside from the house, which to be perfectly honest I’m sick of talking about it’s been a pretty busy January so far, some interesting work on the go, some really interesting things in the pipeline and I’ve been meeting some new people too, including the most interesting, open and friendly accountant I’ve ever had the good fortune to come across, I owe some serious drinks to the good people that recommended him – I have a feeling with his help we’ll be, as Del Boy is so fond of saying: millionaires! But seriously… it is nice to meet like-minded business people, you notice, especially when you’re in business for yourself that there are two types of people: those who go out and do, and those who stayed in and got.

By that I mean there are the go-getter’s, the people that work all hours, who enthuse about their business, and are passionate about what they do, they’re the people that are fun to work with, because they’re genuinely excited about new things and how they can work with you to do those things, they’re the people I try and seek out to do business with as oppose to the people that have for one reason or another landed in a lucrative business with very little effort involved who shout, rant and rave at you telling you how to do your job, while quite blatantly showing that they’re obviously incapable of doing their own.

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