Virgin Radio Birthday Party

Virgin Radio VR10 Event TicketsGot thoroughly thoroughly hammered at VR10… all great fun! And if anyone did see us stumble home from Hammersmith, then I can only apologise! Dave excelled himself, and is now a legend in his own right for dancing in a cage for over an hour.

A free bar, a good mix of celebs, the Stereophonics playing live less than 5 metres away, and a little bit of exercise carrying my better half up 7 flights of stairs.

Blogger is so useless… ” the system cannot find the specified file” as it loses your blog entries left right and centre… won’t be long till I’m using aftershock full time to update, so time to keep my cool, blogger’s inability to do anything right has been one reason it’s been all quiet on the western front for the last couple of weeks, and I’ve had other things to do, I’ve really been rushed off my feet with clients asking for stuff, which is great in my humble opinion.

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