radio lunch

Went out this lunchtime with some radio chums from the station Dave lovingly referred to as “the evil ones”, hopefully this new found chumminess will lead to a new radio gig, it’s about time I did something different in radio, so I’m looking forward to finding out more about what the opportunities are at this particular radio station. More to come about that soon.

In other news, business is booming once again, the good times are back – and with that comes all the fun and games of running hardware, sorting out invoices, banks, and all the other shit that goes with running a business… loving every minute of it frankly..

Oh, and I heard a great rumour about myself today, which I couldn’t help but have a giggle about, apparently I’m presenting on a radio station t’up north, and I’ve recently been fined by the radio authority for saying “bollocks” on air:

Just to clear that up I haven’t been on the radio t’up north for over 6 months, and I’ve never sworn on air… and the radio authority wouldn’t fine me, they’d fine the radio station, so there, sorry to piss on the bonfire – still it’s nice to be talked about.

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