As I was wandering down Charring Cross road today I realised that I’ve absolutely no idea how or when they get the money out of phone boxes, I know it sounds thoroughly daft but where does the money go, how often do they need emptying, are phoneboxes linked by some bizarre suction tunnel system that sucks the money away? Maybe that’s what the BT tower is for… the bottom half just fills up with money from all the callboxes throughout the city, now there’s a thought! Silliness aside I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take money out of a phone box, and they must fill up relatively quickly in some places – is it up to the engineers? or possibly BT have a money-from-phone-box-collection agency?

Speaking of BT they’ve changed their logo again… Well actually they haven’t, they’ve just got a lot of free press coverage about getting rid of an old logo, the new logo that they’ve apparently spent £5million on is the existing BT openworld logo, which speaking in terms of brand says absolutely almost nothing about the company: according to the blurb it’s all about connecting the planet, but frankly most people will see it exactly as it is, a range of coloured blobs in a circle. It’s not a design classic, but how many new logo’s are these days?

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