War mongering

The war mongers are beating their drums again, this time against Syria, something our government promised we would have no part in, yet today Geoff Hoon made it patently clear that Syria is in the sights of the coalition if it fails to stop experimenting with the development of weapons of mass destruction, and that it should stop helping Iraq with it’s WMD – despite the fact that we didn’t find any in Iraq! We’ve not even finished the job in Iraq yet, we’ve not found Saddam Hussain, or many of the top echelons of his regime, and yet we’ve got people harping on about how the war in Iraq is over.

I’m so angry and disappointed that we seem to be so blatantly tagging along with whatever the American administration think is a good idea, and our politicians are so happy to lie to us on the one hand whilst siding with the American’s on the other. We didn’t finish the job in Afghanistan, we haven’t finished the job (yet) in Iraq, and it’ll be bloody lunacy to even contemplate taking action (military or otherwise) against Syria.

Britain should step back from the “war against terror” whilst it has the chance, distance itself from the American administration and take this one chance to avoid bypassing the UN yet again which America will no doubt do if Colin Powell et al get their claws into Syria…

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