Stop the War Coalition taking action?

Hmmm, this is not a good idea. The stop the war coalition is planning to cause walk outs and occupy civil buildings in the event of war breaking out. Now regardless of whether you believe the war to be illegal or immoral, I think that bringing the country to its knees through civil action is highly unlikely to do anything other than alienate the cause.

To underline this I’d like to point the finger at the London underground, whilst I understand the causes they strike for, I do not believe that striking has anything other than a detrimental effect on their cause, because the public (fired on by the government and media and their own inconvenience) resent the people causing the problem, and unfortunately during a strike it is the workers not the management causing the problem.

If a load of anti-war types rush around barricading public roads and buildings the public, media and government will hold them directly responsible for life being made difficult. We all know that this is going to be a “remote” war, and day to day it’s highly unlikely to affect (with the exception of possible terrorist attack) the daily life of the average British citizen. Therefore anything that makes life difficult in Britain will probably be caused by protest rather than the war itself.

Now let me reiterate: I am staunchly against this war, as I have written elsewhere I do not believe that America and Britain et al can validate the causes they say they are fighting for, as I believe this war to be the American administrations blood thirst and need for control (not to mention oil) showing through. But I will not support any action by anti-war protesters to cause civil unrest and disobedience in the UK. Regardless of how it might be phrased in the stopwar documentation this kind of action would lead to civil unrest, and that can only be a bad thing for the greater cause.

This country is a civilised nation, we have a democratic society where we vote for our administration and we have a right to legally protest in a civilised manner, I think that the stop the war coalition’s efforts would be better aimed at directly talking to members of parliament and raising awareness of the considerable unease at the morally shaky war it looks increasingly more inevitable that we will be involved in.

I for one will be hanging my head in shame at being part of this nation if we decide to fight this illegal and immoral war

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