Somebody just said “Fuck” on radio 4’s Today programme – to put it in context they were talking about a book, in which the word “fuck” appears on the cover, and throughout the book, but still… It does seem strange when the calming and dulcet tones of radio 4 are interrupted by the word “fuck”, not that I have a problem with “fuck” (it’s one of my favourite words) but it just sounded so out of place.

Fuck is such a versatile word though, you can use fuck as an adjective, as a noun and as just about every other pre and suffix in the English language, and it’s only the British who manage to use “fuck” as such a versatile word, the American’s really don’t get it, they use it, but when they do it loses all it’s classiness. It’s a bit like bollocks, another archetypally British word, don’t we have such a fantastic langauge?

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