What happened to Hoverboards?

I feel robbed, when I was growing up I was told that by 2000 we would all be dressed in silver lycra and living on the moon, and while for some of our less fashion-conscious readers silver lycra maybe the norm, for most of the country (thankfully) it’s not. However the living on the moon is something I would have liked, imagine the views of earth you’d get from your kitchen window – they’d be stunning… but until we decide to get off our arses and stop trying to stop one person developing weapons of mass destruction with threats against him of weapons of mass destruction we’ll be earth bound. If there’s one legacy that the crew of Columbia should have it’s more funding for space research and travel.

It’s almost like we’ve stopped dreaming of the future, now the nearest we get to dreaming of the future seems to be video on your mobile phone, a little bit sad considering 30 years ago we were dreaming of a life discovering the universe, making work and housework a thing of the past and dedicating life to living. As silly as it sounds the utopian view of the future displayed in sci-fi of the past doesn’t seem to be on the cards anymore, certainly not in the near future anyway.

What did you dream of being when you were little? I always wanted to be a radio dj, failing that a business tycoon, or if all else failed and I ended up on my ear an astronaut… fortunately those dreams weren’t beaten out of me by soulless “careers tutors” who’s idea of a career seemed to centre around working in woollies or joining the army, and while the idea of a life behind a till or as cannon-fodder isn’t terrible it wasn’t what I wanted. I do remember once being told by my careers tutor that running my own business would be “a very silly thing to do” and that I should consider doing something “normal” instead.

People like him in my humble opinion should be strung up and beaten in the streets for knocking the dreams out of a generation of children. There is no excuse for pissing on the bonfire of ideas that young people stoke day to day, in that bonfire are dreams of greatness, and if people nurtured these idea’s and dreams I think we’d see a much larger number of entrepreneurs and self-made people… which frankly is something this country could do with more of.

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