Waste is a pet hate of mine, I can’t stand people and companies who are unnecessarily wasteful, and I’m afraid to say that Tesco Direct are number one on my list of companies that are taking the piss when it comes to household waste. Today I had my shopping delivered and as usual there were almost as many carrier bags as there were items: 23 items in total, in 17 shopping bags, when a small packet of runner beans has a carrier bag to itself I really do start to believe that someone is being wasteful.

I phoned Tesco to complain and was told I could recycle my carrier bags at the store if I wished, with the nearest store with a recycling facility for plastic bags being in Hammersmith not only is that not even in my tube zone but it would take me about 30 minutes to get there, and the whole point of having your shopping delivered to the house in the first place is to remove the need to haul yourself across London on public transport to get to the supermarket.

It is out of choice that I choose not to have a car, so It really irritates me when people assume that everyone has access to a car, living in central London there is simply no need, I could walk to the west end in under 30 minutes if I wanted to, I’ve got 3 tube lines within 2 minutes walk of the house, 4 major bus routes within 10 minutes of the house and parking in Kensington is non-existent, even with a permit we’d not be able to park anywhere near the house because people just plonk there cars wherever they want.

The irony of all this: to recycle, I’d need to jump in a car and drive to the nearest recycling centre, It’s about time that Britain started to take recycling seriously, start copying the Germans who have separate bins for recyclable waste and regular refuse collection days so you don’t end up with a weeks worth of crap living in bins outside your house.

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