The truth about blogging

I was going to write something terribly profound here about the power of blogging and it’s growth as arguably the first native language of the Internet (with the possible exception of emoticions: which don’t really qualify as a language more an annoying side-dish to the main menu of information) but I decided against it, mainly because it’s far to academic and just a little bit wanky for ten to four on a monday morning.

So I decided to talk about writing blogs at ten to four in the morning, I’d like to dispel the idea that I’m sat geekchic-style huddled over a computer plastered with stickers and cuddly toys in a dark room with just a lamp lighting up the million and one diet coke cans littered across the desk. This apparently is the image on regular reader had of me when I wrote this blog, but, stereotypical as it is; it’s not true. The truth is 90% of my entries are done in my spare time (no I don’t take time out in my day to blog) and a good 70% of them are done in cuddled into a corner of my vast sofa in my well lit living room. Normally most blog entries are done with other media input, from TV, DVD’s CD’s or radio, and for the most part the blog is unplanned.

There are occasions when things happen during the day and I feel I must blog about them, in which case I normally mull over what I’m going to write, but most of the time I’ll sit down, boot up blogger and write about whatever issue comes to my mind first. This isn’t an issues led blog (unlike others I could mention) this is a stream of consciousness, it’s a random selection of snippets from what little inner monologue I have. You see, I’m a very vocal person: I like talking, talking helps me think, I like to talk ideas, concepts and thoughts through, either with myself, or with other people. I talk a lot with my hands too, I find it helps me communicate ideas in a more efficient way – which is odd, because I used to do it while I was on the radio… which obviously no one but me could see (this was a source of much amusement for everyone that worked with me).

What I love about this medium is it’s ability to communicate in a brutally honest way, and the way that every individual uses the medium in a slightly different way, some are hugely readable, some are hard slog, some are engaging whilst others are so inane they just bore me, but because this medium is all about interpretation it’s able to appeal to different people in vastly different ways.

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