Greenpeace TearI think this should be one of the most powerful images of the year, I think it’s brilliant, especially in our current climate of foreboding war and destruction, the constant threat of terrorism and the continual rape of the planet by individuals and corporations. I found it on here: What do you think?

I lost all faith in our “government” today, as it was announced that the damning dossier on Iraq was in fact nothing more than a plagiarised student thesis with some very questionable “intelligence” facts and figures bolted on. I really have to question whether in the light of this information coming out should the government be allowed to continue this crazy build up to war? Saddam is dangerous, everyone know’s that, but what is our justification for war? We simply don’t have one, the USA might, the Israelis might, but we don’t: and as such we should not even be considering dragging ourselves into a war which we can’t win and more importantly can’t afford. If I were a backbencher, or opposition in the house of commons now I would be jumping up and down shouting for a motion of no-confidence, because that’s exactly what I have in our government right now.

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