Standing up for ourselves…

Someone said to me today that we “should always stand by America because they’ve always stood by us” but I have to disagree, and the reason I’m disagreeing so violently is that our prime minister is ignoring the countries we should be closest too in order to appease the American government and by doing this he’s putting the UK in the firing line and putting citizens of our our major cities at risk because he refuses to distance the UK for the George W Bush’s blood-thirst for war.

The current crap our media is pumping out is that the American’s have always stood up for the UK, but this simply isn’t true: where were they when England was being bombed to rubble in the Blitz? It took Japan bombing Pearl Harbour before the USA decided to help us out. If we’re going to start trying to pump the British public full of propaganda about the yank’s being oh so great friends of the UK compared to Germany and France, where was the US governments sympathy when the IRA bombed the UK, where were they when they should have been standing “shoulder to shoulder” with the UK in a war against terror.

The US government is being utterly hypocritical, in one hand over the past 30 years it has actively allowed fund raising on it’s grounds for terror groups including the IRA and ETA, and it’s funded the arming of militant groups around the world in order to swing the balance of power toward the US, and yet in the other hand when thing’s don’t go the way of the Bush administration it feels it has a unilateral right to go to war. The result of this is the UN and the British people are having the piss taken out of it in the biggest way possible because it’s blatantly obvious that the US Government has no plans to listen to the findings of the UN and if pushed will make up “evidence” in order to support it’s case for war… the recent “dossier of terror” in the UK was a prime example of the UK and USA finding any old excuse to go to war with Iraq in the name of “finding osama bin laden et al” despite the fact it’s well known that osama and his group of nutters are despised in Iraq and that Iraq actively pursues and executes members of that organisation.

It’s a real shame that in the name of “democracy” the US and UK governments are ignoring the voice of the people crying out not to put us in the firing line, Bush and Blair both have bomb shelters to run to when the dirty bombs and hijacked passenger planes start falling from the sky, and they have sealed rooms to go to when suicide bombers launch biological weapons on the tube or in the middle of oxford street, it might not have occurred to them that it is us the public who don’t have those facilities, it is us who will die if Iraq decides to fight back, or Osama and his bunch of nutters decide to launch a terror attack on our cities… So please Mr’s Bush and Blair…. rethink, listen to the people and the other nations telling you that this is a terminally stupid idea…

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