RIP Rights.

After yesterday’s rant, I decided to dig out something I wrote almost three years ago about the governments meddling in people’s private data:

The regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill is one of the most deranged, unworkable and paranoid items of legislation dreamed up by this government since hmmm let me think…. last week. Are they mad? Probably, Are they aware of the chaos and expense it would cause? Unlikely. The bill proposes to force every Internet service provider in the land to install a black box (proxy server) to monitor e-mail traffic sent by every one of us, all the time.

The Home Secretary claims this will prevent terrorism, drug dealing, paedophilia, illegal immigrants and dandruff. It will also cost a vast amount of money, and will be an invasion of privacy worse than even George Orwell could ever have imagined.It should be terribly obvious to any Internet user who doesn’t happen to carrier one of Tony’s propaganda pagers that The regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill will not work and indeed it cannot and should not ever be allowed.

For the hard of thinking let me explain. Any criminal can avoid e-mail monitoring in one of five ways:

  • Use a different Internet café every day.
  • Use any number of ISP’s located outside the UK.
  • Use an Internet enabled mobile phone with prepaid cards and keep moving.
  • Use e-mail, but send your messages as graphics files, which the search engines don’t recognise.
  • Or the alternative, don’t use e-mail at all.
  • To call the members of our righteous Government mad is cheap journalism. To label them stupid is apparently false. Our leaders are clever, devious folk. They know as well as you do that this legislation will have no effect whatsoever, in apprehending dangerous criminals. The question remains, who are the real targets of their proposed security blanket?

    Unfortunately, there can only be one answer, the target of RIP is all of us. This is not x-files conspiracy, and this is not unfounded paranoia… Let us think further, I use my e-mail on a daily basis to communicate personal and corporate information with people as far ranging as my solicitors, accountants, and clients. Ask yourself, would you want general access to this level of personal information, with no reasoning other than a blasé policy spin that RIP may prevent online crime?

    We must put a stop to this continued advance of the big brother state into our online lives sit back and wonder what sort of scam is the Government trying to pull? 

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