A village in Texas is missing it’s idiot.

A village somewhere in Texas is missing it’s idiot: One of the best slogans from the anti-war march in london yesterday, and in my humble opinion probably one of the fairest comments, as if Mr Bush continues with this campaign it will all end up firing back in his face, what country that’s on his hit list will he go after once he’s finished with Iraq? North Korea maybe? Or why not have another crack at Vietnam? If there was one person on the face of the planet who I could point a finger at as being a threat to national security, then it would be George W Bush, because never has one person made me feel so unsafe.

Ken Livingstone gained by respect yesterday with his support of the London anti-war protest, there are many who tried to stop it (on grounds as daft as it would damage the grass in Hyde Park) but Ken stood up for the right for civil protest, it’s nice to know at least one of our politicians, regardless of his other policies, isn’t stupid enough to see that he is nothing more than an *elected representitive of the people*. Nice to see Charles Kennedy at the anti-war march as well, a great speech, he’ll get my vote next time round.

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