A Mary Whitehouse moment…

It’s not often things turn my stomach, it’s not often that things are so physically revolting I reach for the remote, but tonight I was unfortunate enough to turn over to a program called “Dirty Sanchez” on MTV, and it’s basically the worst self inflicted violence on TV meets the most sadistic bunch of people on TV. It wasn’t watchable, and I only caught a 5 minute burst of it before I decided to turn over… I am truly concerned that there will be dickheads out there that will try the stunts pulled on this program and will end up loosing their genitalia, limbs, or motor functions because of it: tonights 5 minute burst saw someone nailing their cock to a 4×2 plank, someone being dragged along by their arse on sandpaper then having vinegar and salt thrown on their wounds, and naked people being assaulted by ice hockey players.

I’m not Mary Whitehouse, and I’m someone that’s always advocated “If you don’t like – it turn it off” censorship, but this program was sick, not even funny in the slightest, just sick, and god know’s what warrants it being on TV.

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