Daily Archives: February 23, 2003

Mile High

If you’ve seen Mile High one Sky One, I’d like to act as a public service announcement, on behalf of the whole gay community: I’d like to point out that most gay people do not use sex to get jobs, do not take copious amounts of drugs, don’t jump into bed with every good looking person they see and do not all live for being a camp clubbing stereotypical queen.

I have never been so embarrassed by a television program, and I’m really angry with Sky for airing such a air-headed program full of the worst social stereotypes in the world, being gay is not about being a drug taking sex crazed trolley dolly, it’s about living normal day to day lives, going to work, coming home, worrying about the bills, going to work again, going out, enjoying life, doing the shopping, finding a loved one: It’s normal, it’s mundane, it’s day to day… and the day the fucking stereotypes that programmes like Mile High throw at you dies a death will be a day to celebrate.

Steve Wright on the World Service

Many years ago I used to like Steve Wright, when he used to do the afternoon show on Radio 1, I was young: I can only apologise…

Then he moved to Breakfast, where he was crap, right royally crap, and was rightfully replaced by gingernuts, I’m not quite finished confessing though, so don’t go away (in best “dj” voice) Then I would occasionally catch Steve Wright on radio 2, which I didn’t think was too bad, not as much of the sycophantic crap, half decent guests, and music that wasn’t all that bad if you could excuse the occasional odd song. But more recently I’ve had Steve Wright invade my personal radio space, the radio I didn’t want changing, and I talk of late night radio 4, when it becomes the world service for a few short hours in the morning…

And as much as I’ve tried, I hate it: It’s crap, him on his own, being the worst smashy and nicey stereotype imaginable, canned laughter, obviously pre-recorded interviews, big gaps, crap selection of music and what makes it most offensive is that it’s in the middle of the world service – what should be quiet news and information, soothing deep voices telling me about world affairs has been replaced by the worst mix of old and modern music voiced-over by an obnoxious dj… *gah*