Daily Archives: February 5, 2003

Life, The Site, The Cold & Everything

Am I the only one out there who seems to know who bowling for soup are? I’ve been raving about this band for a while, I think they’re great, but no one else seems to have heard of them… prove me wrong, someone else tell me you know who I’m talking about!

It’s been so cold today, like bitterly, finger numbingly cold. The 10 minute walk to the shops and back this afternoon down Notting Hill gate was more than enough of the elements for me today, I’ll be glad when it’s summer again, either that or it snows. I can cope with coldness if it snows, for some reason when it snow’s it feels like there’s a validation for the coldness, whereas the rest of the time it’s just uncomfortable. Does that make any sense? Thought not.

Now here’s coincidence, when I built this version of the design back in March I lived nowhere near Notting Hill but I put a picture of a number 94 bus within the design, not out of any reasoning, just because it was the first picture of a routemaster that I came across which I liked from the photo’s I’d taken. Funny thing is I now live on the number 94 route, and with the recent buggering’s about on the tube it’s a bus I’m having to take quite a lot if I want to get into town without taking the annoying slow circle line. Small things eh?

Hmmm also spent most of the day buggering about trying to get blogAmp to work on the site, not with much luck I might add, for some reason it’s not closing FTP requests on the server, which means that it tries to upload but then can’t close the connection, creating a loop which causes the whole thing to fail, I think it’s a server issue with the FTP daemon rather than blogAmp, so I’ll give it another go tomorrow, but until then you’ll just have to wait to share in my little collection of bizarre MP3’s.