To redesign or not?

To redesign or not to redesign, that is the question… and it doesn’t have a simple answer, you see I’ve got bucket loads of written work I want to put up but I can’t be bothered to format it all nicely into pages at the moment, and what’s more I’d like a tool to look after it all. Blogger isn’t really an option, maybe Movable Type or if I’m feeling really brave I might build my own CMS for the job.

I’m also considering slimming down the other areas of the site, especially the homepage, or maybe turning the homepage into the blog, ooo and while we’re talking about the blog I’d like to get rid of the dates and add titles, or maybe make the dates a lot smaller, and therefore less significant? Decisions decisions, all of which I’m sure will be made with a bottle of wine and a quiet weekend in the relative peace of Notting Hill.

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