The bloggies are out.

Well now we can actually see the nominations for this years bloggies I can sit back and bathe in the fact that, as I predicted: they are once again a disappointment. Only two sites mentioned that I actually visit: blogger and plasticbag. I’m not going to turn this into an anti-bloggies rant, because I quite like the bloggies, it would just be nice to see a bit more variety in them.

Anyhow…. I could have walked to work quicker than the tube got me to work this morning, and I’m not exaggerating, 45 minutes it took me to get from Notting Hill to Soho, 45 bloody minutes, but for once it wasn’t the tube’s fault, today we’ll blame the firefighters… just at the time I chose to go to work all the closed stations were beginning to open again, which meant that the train was massively overcrowded and spent ages in each station due to overcrowding on the platforms, the train was also late as the man on the platform explained it was the first all-stopping train of the day, quite why that should mean a 10 minute wait for the train to arrive on the platform I’ll never know, but it did.

I might walk home from work today, that’s all dependent of course on whether I still feel like death on a stick by home time, at the moment my head is pounding, my eyes hurt and I’ve got a blocked up nose… but other than that I’m dandy.

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