Star Trek Nemesis

Went out and saw Star Trek Nemesis today, and although it was a relatively good film, I couldn’t help feeling a little cheated by it, there are far to many unanswered questions, and at times the plot was (speaking in relatives) far-fetched – that is, in terms of Star Trek time lines and story lines – what for instance was Wesley Crusher doing at the wedding – I thought he was supposed to be a 4 dimensional being travelling with the traveller now? And what of Worf? There was no explanation of why he was there.

But the highlight is the showdown. Troi, sits at the helm, (since they appear to have sucked – sorry blown: all the extras into space) and once again she manages to crash the Enterprise… Woman drivers are just not cut out for space travel, fortunately this time, it’s not a total right off, although in the interests of future Romulan relationships she does manage to crash into the new Romulan flag ship: the Scimitar (Which bears a striking resembelance to something out of a B list movie I’ve seen before but can’t remember the name of) but I’m not saying it was a bad film: it is well worth watching.

Missing Dave terribly, but I keep telling myself it won’t be long till we’re back together again full time, as the day draws closer to signing the contract it’s getting really exciting, it’ll be the first house either of us have ever had that’s all our own from day one – not moving in with someone else who already lives there, not having to share with a flatmate… the whole house, just us two… I can’t wait!

Just as a matter of interest to me: This cult that’s cloning people, apparently a baby’s been born to a lesbian couple in Holland, now if the genetic material came from one of the mothers, what do you think the odds are of the daughter also being lesbian?

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