Meg hit’s the nail on the head.

Please read this, Meg has hit the nail so firmly on the head. It is not Tony Blair’s place to decide single handedly where the country should go to war. It doesn’t seem to matter that everyone else in the UK and Europe seems to think it’s a bad idea, little Mr Blair seems almost manically intent on dragging us into America’s internal grudge war with Iraq. We all know Saddam isn’t the nicest person in the world, in fact he’s a bit of a nutter, but I don’t see us declaring war on other nutters, the Mugabe’s and such of this world? This “war” is a son finishing off his Dad’s unfinished grudge match, it’s about oil, it’s about American principles and it’s definitely not anything that the UK should be involved in.

It’s all very well Tony Blair saying it’s only a matter of time before there is a terrorist attack on the UK, but we all know that what that really means is there will be a terrorist attack on London, and that if and when it does happen Tony Blair will be the first into the bunkers not to surface until the dust or gas or whatever other foul means of killing people these terrorists decide to use. As a voter in a democratic nation I’d like to see my view represented in Government: This country does not need a war, it cannot afford a war, and the public shouldn’t be duped with talk of possible collateral damage to the UK… that is military speak for people dying.

If the USA wants a war it’s big enough and ugly enough to look after itself, I’d like to hazard a guess that most sane liberal American’s aren’t that keen on a war either. But for those that are, and for the sake of our under-educated government the UK lost the war of independence with the USA… We don’t have to follow them into every conflict, we shouldn’t, and I for one will not agree or support any action taken against Iraq to satisfy George W Bush’s thirst for Iraq’s oil at the expense of UK soldiers and citizens.

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