London Films

Beautiful ThingThis in my humble opinion is one of the best films ever made: Beautiful Thing is a story of young love, summer romance, and coming out. Even if you’re not a big poof I recommend you watch it. It’s also got a fantastic summer sound track of Mama Cass: who I reckon is brilliant.

It’s also another one of those films where poeple who live in london can (as miss moneypenny herself so eloquently put): squeel “oooo I know where that is”, you see that’s one of the great things about living in london, you can almost guarentee that there’s at least one film out there that’s filmed in an area of town you know well enough to recognise… It also means you spot the mistakes: such as sliding doors; where the district line is actually the waterloo and city line that happens to go through embankment station via the concourse at waterloo and at bank and yet you still manage to exit the tube at temple… go figure!

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