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It’s true when they say that London is a city made out of small villages: You have eclectic Soho, fashion conscious Kensington, laid back Greenwich and bustling Notting hill, to name but a few, they even have there own postcodes (normally)… Why therefore did one of the estate agents I was talking to yesterday show me houses in completely the wrong area of town? I gave him very specific area names and their postcodes, W8, W2, W10, you simply can’t mis-understand that – the postcode areas are clearly shown on any map of London, and what’s more the map with the postcodes was pinned up against his desk!

Anyhow, it’s very unlikely we’ll be going with that particular estate agent anyway, because the only nice property they showed us was stuff that we’d already been shown by Chard but it was always more expensive than the prices Chard had offered us, the other stuff this other agency showed us was *awful* – I mean positively dire, and I told them so: which I don’t think they liked, but they at least got an honest opinion.

It’s not difficult to listen to customers needs, just to shut up and listen, don’t interrupt, just listen – that should be a mantra pushed onto anyone in any customer service industry, another recent classic is my old bank: I spent 45 minutes shutting down my accounts at Barclays so I could move to a better bank, I signed off all my accounts, waited for mandates to be printed, stood in a queue waiting to withdraw all funds and finally signed a form saying *why* I’d left Barclays, and yet: they’ve not closed the account down: Direct debits are still going out of it: So congratulations go to Barclays Bank – You are officially January’s first Fuckwits.

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