Fuck’d Weblog

It’s cold, wet and windy in Soho today, and I’m sat on top of a radiator at work trying to warm up a little bit, got soaked going home for lunch, then froze walking over to the Leicester Square office Fucked Blogfrom my office, everyone seems to be ill, or falling ill at work – seems like a cold/flu bug is going round, and you know what they’re like in an office… it’s spreading like wildfire.

This is interesting… It’s where Blogs go to die: fucked weblog. It’s an interesting premise, a website that informs people that a blog has ceased to be, quite what purpose it has I don’t know… perhaps it’s there so people can mourn the passing of prolific or amusing blogs, or perhaps it’s for people who wish to gloat about there most hated blogs (and blog writers) kicking the bucket and deciding it’s time to shut down online.

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