Domino’s and Correct Change

Dominos DriverAre domino’s incapable of giving the correct change? Surely if you order something that’s worth £8.10 then in my world I normally expect to get £1.90 in change, but no, you get £1.00 exactly from Domino’s! But wait a minute £1.90 is almost £2.00; if it was only a 10p or 20p difference I wouldn’t mind at all, and as it is I don’t mind to much at losing 90p in change, but it’s the principle that’s at stake here – so bear with me. Normally I’ll pay with plastic, but on the odd occasion I’ve paid with cash, I’ve not once got the right change from Domino’s at the door.

Now if I were to pitch up at a Domino’s branch and order something over the counter worth £8.10 would they really let me take the goods if I only coughed up £8.00 because I’ve only got pound coins? I somehow think not, so why therefore do they expect me to not want all my change back when they deliver goods to my house. If I do pay in cash at the door I normally tell people to keep the change anyway, but I do like to be given the option of telling them to keep it, rather than them simply walking away with it… That’s theft in England don’t you know.

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