Does anyone remember telephone numbers?

So now that we all use our mobile phones to automatically dial our friends and family I’ve come to the conclusion that no one actually knows anybody’s number anymore. It’s bloody ridiculous, you’ve known someone for years but if you accidentally forgot your mobile when going somewhere you would suddenly realise that you couldn’t call them even if you were in a phone box with a twenty pence in your hand.

I think the solution is simple though, you should be able to access you mobile’s number directory remotely in the same way that you are able to check your messages remotely. When you call your mobile phone from work if you don’t have it on you, you can check your messages, change your greeting, forward a message, etc. Why can we not scroll through our saved numbers as well.

I’m convinced that I’ve found a new phenomenon that hasn’t been recognised yet. Anybody who uses a mobile as their sole phone does not know a single phone number by heart. It’s a tragedy of the convenience of technology but a tragedy none the less. Shouldn’t this be a simple plan to implement and wouldn’t it be of amazing use and importance?

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