Bugger Off

Bugger off! – let that stand as my personal feelings toward the Chancellor wanting to up London council tax so London can stage the Olympics? Why should the average Londoner suffer because of bunch of bureaucrats want to stage a hideously expensive waste of TV time in our city, as if we wouldn’t suffer enough if we got it. The place would be overrun with tourists, the tubes, roads and buses would all be totally filled to capacity, and to top it all Britain wouldn’t win anything anyway! (Well except the rowing, and possibly the curling)

After all it wouldn’t be “London” staging the Olympics it would be the 2012 Olympics in England… London would simply have the misfortune of being overrun by a billion tourist flocking to see a bunch of athletes pretend they like each other for a fortnight. Give the Olympics to Manchester, they’ve got the stadiums – the audience figures for the sports would go through the roof – because let’s face it there’s sod all else to do in Manchester is there?

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