Bloggies miss their deadline

Well the bloggies were a disappointment weren’t they? It’s now the 22nd January, and still not a nomination in sight, I know that if they’re based in the states technically it’s still yesterday there, but that doesn’t quell my abject disappointment… so neh sulks.

I really have huge issues with people who advertises dates and then fail to deliver, especially of the website variety, coming soon I can cope with, it’s open ended, and although I’d rather not see it, it’s not as bad as seeing – come back on the “whatever date” to see… and that date is like a month or a year ago, or in this case yesterday. If you can’t guarentee it will be there: don’t put a date, it’s so much safer, and much less of a let down when something is promised and you spend the whole day revisiting the site to see if it’s live

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