Blog Awards…

The bloggies finalists are announced tomorrow, we await them with anticipation don’t we (no honestly we do…) This year there appear to be more categories than ever which can only be marked down as a good thing in my book, but some of the categories are very odd in my humble opinion.

Everyone know’s the blogs I read, I advertise them here: look down a bit (they’re randomised so each time you arrive it’s a different set of five) and I’d like to bet that none of them will win, either because they’ve won before or they’re not prolific, or self serving enough to encourage everyone to vote for them. I know I won’t win, why? Because when it comes to winning blogging competitions I’m an eternal pessimist, and the fact that the content in this little diary is neither consistent or easily categorised…. which puts me up shit creek without a paddle as far as funky awards go – I’m devastated by this, obviously (you mean you can’t tell?)

The strange thing about competitions like this is the winners and runners up are almost never people I read, and when I do make an effort to read them I find myself bored to tears by them: let’s just hope the winners of the bloggies 2003 this year get ready to spend there whole $20.03 on bandwidth because they’re going to need it as me and a million and one other super-critical bloggers come crashing down on their site wishing they’d won $20.03 (one bit of this last sentence may not be true!)

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